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Citytrip Italy - Part I: Rome - 72 Hours in the Eternal City (2021)

Since the start of the global pandemic, so much has changed in the world and unfortunately so has travel photography. Roy Poots and I originally planned quite the landscape adventure (I will keep the destination to myself for now). However, last minute changes in Covid travel restrictions meant we had to alter our plans and therefore we decided to change our destination to Italy. In this series of blogs I will take you through some of Italy’s most famous and beautiful cities. First stop: Rome!

Visiting the Haller Forest, the Magic of Spring (2021)

Ever since I started as a photographer, I have travelled to the Haller Forest on several occasions. I always dreamt of shooting this amazing forest during magical conditions, but I was never lucky enough to experience a dreamy and misty sunrise, that is until now..

On the first day of May, after some careful planning and weather forecasting, Roy Poots and I decided to take our chance and travel to Halle. Be sure to check out Roy's vlog (in Dutch) to see more footage!

Night Photography in Deventer, a Holiday Season shoot (2020)

Visiting Deventer, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, is definitely a must. Its historic centre, with many characteristic streets and buildings, lends itself for some great photography, especially during the festive season. During the last week of December, Roy Poots and I decided to visit the city and experience some of the Christmas atmosphere. Roy also made a vlog (in Dutch). Be sure to check it out if you want to see some behind the scene footage ;)

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