Visiting Deventer during the Holiday season

Deventer is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands situated at the banks of the river Ijssel. Its historic centre, with many characteristic streets and buildings lends itself for some great photography, especially during the festive season.

Each year during the second week of December, the city is host to the 'Dickens Festijn', a festival that revives the stories Charles Dickens with more than 950 characters -including characters like Scrooge and Oliver Twist- coming to life in the historic 'Bergkwartier'. Normally, this provides for the perfect opportunity to photograph the city in all its glory, as the city is decorated with Christmas decorations and more importantly, the streets are cleared from traffic, allowing for some car-free shots.

Unfortunately, this year's festival was cancelled due to the corona virus. Nonetheles, Roy Poots and I decided to pay the city a visit and experience some of the Christmas atmosphere. Roy also made a vlog (in Dutch) on our visit,  so be sure to check it out if you want to see some behind the scene footage ;)

'De Worp'

We started our photowalk at ‘de Worp’, which is situated on the opposite side of the river IJssel. This location provides a scenic view of the city skyline across the river, with the 'Lebuinus' church as its most prominent feature. From here it is also possible to take the pedestrian ferry to the city, though I would advise you to check the time schedule first.

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In the 'Bergkwartier' you will find, among other things, the Bergstraat, the Roggestraat and the Bergkerk. It is an area with a lot of historic streets and buildings, each one more beautiful than the other. So if you visit the Bergkwartier, I can guarantee you will be taking pictures for a while.

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'De Brink' and the 'Waag' building

'De Brink' is the central square in the city center of Deventer. It is also the place where you can find the 'Waag',  which is the oldest weighing house in the Netherlands and was built in 1528. The building been a museum since 1915. Fun fact, photographing this building head on can be a bit of a challenge, since the building is about 80 cm off plumb. I didn't actually shoot any new images that night, so here's a couple from 3 years ago I decided to re-edit.

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'Lebuinus' church and square

Just a short walk from the 'Brink', you can find the 'Lebuinuskerk'. There is a nice square around the church and the church is well lit. The use of an (extreme) wide angle definitely is a must when you want to photograph the church in it's entirety, but be sure to also have a closer look at the details of the building. 

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Light Statues

Something new (which I hadn't seen in my visits before) were this year's light statues, which could be found all around the city. 

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